Идиоматические выражения с глаголом GET

Get someone’s drift — понять чей-то намек

Definition: understand what someone has said

Do you get his drift?
I don’t get his drift. Does he think I should quit?

Get a bang / kick out of someone or something — испытать наслаждение от чего-либо

Definition: enjoy someone or something greatly

I really get a bang out of Tom!
She got a kick out of the new video game.

Get a life! — Перестань страдать ерундой

Definition: Don’t worry about such stupid, or petty things

Come on. Get a life! Go out and have some fun.
I wish Jill would get a life. She’s always complaining about nothing.

Get a load off one’s feet — сесть и расслабиться

Definition: sit down, relax

Come on get a load off your feet.
Come over here and get a load off your feet.

Get a load of someone or something — приглядеться к, обратить внимание на

Definition: take notice of someone or something

Get a load of that boy over there!
Get a load of this book. It’s excellent!

Get a toehold — закрепиться, закрепить свои позиции

Definition: To begin a relationship with a person or company

I got a toehold at Smiths and Sons.
He’s trying to get a toehold with Jason.

Get away! — Да ну тебя!

Definition: I don’t believe you

He didn’t say that! Get away!
No, get away! That’s can’t be true.

To get down on someone — бранить кого-либо

Definition: criticize someone

Don’t get so down on Janet.
My boss is getting down on me.

Get down to doing something — серьезно заняться чем-то

Definition: begin to do something seriously

Let’s get down to business.
I got down to doing the report yesterday afternoon.

Get face — завоевать уважение

Definition: be taken seriously

He’s really beginning to get face in that company.
I wish I could get face.

To get in someone’s face — выводить из себя

Definition: to annoy or provoke someone

Why don’t you get in his face!
Tim really got in the coach’s face.

To get in on the act — быть вовлеченным

Definition: become a part of something interesting

I really wish I could get in on the act.
Would you like to get in on the act at work?

Get into something — увлечься, заинтересоваться

Definition: enjoy greatly

He’s really getting into that new CD by Einaudi.
I got into the movie last night.

Get it — понимать

Definition: understand

Do you get it?
He got it and began having success.

Get lost! — Отстань! Сгинь!

Definition: go away

Come on, get lost!
I wish Tim would get lost.

Get off on something — наслаждаться чем-либо

Definition: enjoy greatly

He’s really getting off on jazz these days.
Do you get off on cult movies?

Get one’s act together — собраться, сосредоточиться

Definition: become organized about something

I wish Mary would get her act together.
Yes, I got my act together and found a new job.

Get one’s lumps — быть наказанным, получить по заслугам

Definition: receive punishment

She got her lumps for disobeying her parents.
I shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m getting my lumps.

Get one’s nose out of joint — быть огорченным

Definition: become upset about something

He got his nose out of joint about the new employee.
Don’t get your nose out of joint. It’s not that bad!

Get one’s teeth into something — горячо взяться за что-либо, энергично и продуктивно работать над чем-либо 

Definition: do something with a lot of dedication

I’m getting my teeth into the new project at work.
I think you are going to get your teeth into this book.

Get on someone’s case — капать на мозги

Definition: to criticize someone about a problem

Stop getting on my case about homework.
My boss is getting on my case about the project.

Get out of my face! — Убирайся! Прочь!

Definition: stop bothering me

Get out of my face! I’m going to do it!
She told him to get out of her face.

Get real! — Очнись! Приди в себя! Будь реалистом!

Definition: start acting realistically

Get real about her.
Forget it. Get real.

Get someone’s goat. — Доставать, намеренно раздражать

Definition: bother someone

She’s getting his goat recently.
Tom is really getting my goat.

Get some shut-eye — немного поспать

Definition: go to sleep

I need to go home and get some shut-eye.
He looks like he needs to get some shut-eye.

Get the goods on someone — раскрывать компрометирующие сведения 

Definition: find out incriminating evidence against someone

Carol got the goods on him and they are getting divorced.
I can’t wait to get the goods on John.

Get the lead out! — Поторопись!

Definition: hurry up

Come on! Get the load out!
Let’s get out of here. Get the lead out!

Get the message / picture — понять, уяснить

Definition: understand

So do you get the picture?
I don’t think he gets the message.

Get the nod -получить разрешение, получить добро

Definition: be chosen

Peter got the nod for the job.
I think Mary should get the nod.

Get to someone — раздражать кого-либо

Definition: bother someone

Tedd is really getting to Julia.
Motor scooter noise gets to me!

Get with it — поторопись

Definition: hurry up

Get with it. We’re late.
I wish Tom would get with it.

Идиоматические выражения со словом WORK

All in a day’s work — в порядке вещей, само собой разумеющееся

Definition: nothing special, part of the routine

  • Don’t worry about it. It’s all in a day’s work.
  • Cooking is all in a day’s work.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy — Умей дело делать, умей и позабавиться.

Definition: Idiom meaning that you need to have fun in order to be a happy, healthy person

  • Go home! Remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • I’m worried about him. He hasn’t yet understood that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Dirty work -тяжелая работа, «грязная» работа, нудная работа

Definition: Necessary, but uninteresting, or difficult work

  • She did the dirty work on that project.
  • Have you got around to doing the dirty work yet?

Get down to work — приступить к работе

Definition: Stop relaxing, focus on important task

  • Hey, let’s get down to work here!
  • Sorry, I’ve got to get off the phone and get down to work.

Get worked up over something — горячиться, гнать волну

Definition: become angry or annoyed about something

  • She got all worked up over the last exam.
  • Don’t get worked up over the garden. I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

Make short work of something — быстро справиться с чем-то

Definition: do something quickly

  • I made short work of the assignment and moved on to the next job.
  • Give it to Jill. She’ll make short work of it.

Work like a horse — упорно трудиться

Definition: work a lot, work very hard

  • Mark works like a horse!
  • Why don’t you ask Tim. He works like a horse.

Work out for the best — изменяться к лучшему

Definition: eventually finish well

  • Don’t worry about your troubles. Everything will work out for the best.
  • The divorce worked out for the best for the whole family.

Work something off — сбросить лишний вес

Definition: lose weight

  • I’m going running to work dinner off.
  • She went to the gym to work off a few pounds.

Throw a monkey wrench in the works — ставить палки в колеса

Definition: cause a disturbance in something that seems clear and understandable

  • I hate to throw a monkey wrench in the works, but don’t you think we should ask Andrew to help.
  • Everything was set to go when John threw a monkey wrench in the works!

Идиоматические выражения со словом RUN

Dry Run — имитация, тренировка, репетиция

(noun) a trial of something, a rehearsal of something before it happens


I think we should make a few dry runs before we give the presentation.
Let’s do just one more dry run before we give it a try!

In the Long Run — в конце концов, в конечном итоге, в конечном счете

(prepositional phrase) eventually, over time

Many people find that they actually do want to have children in the long run.
In the long run, we’ll be able to win the contract and keep his business.

Make a Run for It — сбежать, смыться

(verb phrase) to run as quickly as you can through the rain or other bad weather, to try to escape

It’s pouring done rain. Let’s make a run for it and get to the car.
The thieves made a run for it, but the policemen were able to catch up and arrest them.

Make Someone’s Blood Run Cold — приводить кого-либо в ужас

(verb phrase) to frighten someone so badly they feel a chill of anticipation of the worst

Seeing her makes my blood run cold. I wish she would leave.
His blood will run cold if he hears that story.

Get off to a Running Start — рвануть, пуститься с места в карьер

(verb phrase) to start a project or event quickly and efficiently

If we do our research, we’ll get off to a running start.
I think this semester has gotten off to a running start. 

Run Around in Circles — бегать как угорелый, топтаться на одном месте 

(verb phrase) waste time, not progress in what you want to do

It feels like we’re just running around in circles.
It took a few days of running around in circles before I took care of everything.

Run a Fever

(verb phrase) have a temperature that is very high

We should go to the emergency room as she’s running a fever.
I think I might be running a fever. Could you get a thermometer?

Run a Tight Ship — хорошо вести дела, управлять предприятием; заставлять ходит по струнке

(verb phrase) manage very well and efficiently with everyone knowing their place

I like to run a tight ship, so get ready to work!
She runs a tight ship over at Buy More Stuff Inc. 

Run a Temperature — температурить

(verb phrase) have a slightly elevated temperature, not as severe as run a fever

The baby is running a temperature.
Use this thermometer to check if you’re running a temperature. 

Run Around Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off — метаться как угорелая кошка, действовать сумбурно

(verb phrase — idiomatic) go crazy, act without any sense

Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and tell me what happened!
She ran around like a chicken with its head cut off when she heard the bad news. 

Run for It — уносить ноги, спасаться бегством

(verb phrase) try to escape

Run for it! The cops are coming!
He decided to make a run for it and sprinted to his car.

Run in the Family — передаваться по наследству

(verb phrase) be a characteristic that is common in one’s family

Musical talent runs in my family.
I think his ability with children runs in the family. 

Run Into a Stone Wall — упереться в каменную стену, зайти в тупик

(verb phrase) not be able to progress through a situation

We ran into a stone wall when we tried to get a building permit.
Don’t ask for a raise now. You’ll run into a stone wall. 

Run out of Gas — использовать все горючее

(verb phrase) not have any more gas in your car

We’re going to run out of gas soon. We’d better stop.
He ran out of gas and had to walk three miles to the closest gas station. 

Run Someone Ragged — изнурять кого-либо, выжать все соки

(verb phrase) make someone very tired because you push them to do too many things

Her son run her ragged when he was over the holidays.
She says her boss runs everyone ragged at her place of employment.

Still Waters Run Deep — в тихом омуте черти водятся

(idiomatic phrase) people who are calm are very wise

Just listen to him for a while. Still waters run deep.
Remember still waters run deep. It might take some time to figure out.