Useful Phrases and Vocabulary. Presentation

В этой статье приведу несколько выражений, а также небольшой англо-английский глоссарий, которые могут с успехом использоваться при работе с презентациями на английском языке.

Graphs – Charts

  • As you will see from this graph …
  • I’d like to show you …
  • Let me draw your attention to this part of the graph.
  • Let’s look more closely at this month’s figures.
  • This figure refers to the sales in Japan only.
  • This pie chart shows our share of the Asian market today.
  • As you can see, our main competitor has an even bigger share.
  • The bar chart represents sales in our European outlets.
  • Here you can see a comparison between …
  • On the line graph you will note :

– a strong upward trend in the sales of product A …

– despite occasional fluctuations …

– with a slight drop during the holiday season …

– with occasional variations due to .

– the overall performance of produce B is good.

  • The initial surge in sales was followed by a period of slower growth
    in the second half of the year.
  • The instant success of the product was followed by a period of stabilization in the level of sales.


Commenting trends

  • Increases:

– a slight/constant/marked/substantial/increase in sales

– an increase of about/roughly/approximately/in the region of … %

– a little over/above what we predicted

– the recovery/upturn began in (month)

– an overall increase in …

– an upward trend in the demand for …

– sales reached record levels / reached a peak in (month)

– a strong surge in the sales of …

– by (month), the figure had risen to …

– we predict that sales will soar in the coming year / over the next … months

  • Decreases:

– just under our target

– way below our expectations

– a slight / notable / significant decrease in …

– the downturn began in (month)

– the situation began to deteriorate in (month)

– the number has continued to fall

  • Fluctuations:

– a slow start developed into steady progress in sales

– an initial upward trend was followed by …

– we note slight fluctuations through the year

– normal seasonal variations are the cause of occasional downward trends

– sales have been (rather) irregular

– the level / the rate has been unstable since …

  • you will note a certain instability in the rate of …



  • We must focus our attention on …
  • What I suggest is …
  • There is a necessity for …
  • We need more …
  • We have no choice but to …
  • Appropriate measures must be taken
  • The only option we have is to …
  • These changes are inevitable.
  • We will have to revise our estimation.
  • The result / outcome will be …
  • I strongly recommend …
  • To conclude, I am happy / I regret to announce that …
audience a group of listeners or spectators
body language communication through facial expressions, body movements, etc.
chart a sheet of information in the form of a table, graph or diagram
diagram graphic representation of a situation, e.g. the results of an action
flip chart a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information
graph a diagram showing the relation between variable quantities
guidelines advice or instructions given in order to guide or direct an action
handout written information (report etc.) given to people at a presentation
key point essential or main point
marker a pen with felt tip used for writing on a whiteboard
microphone electrical instrument used to amplify the speaker’s voice
O.H.T. Overhead transparency: sheet of film with an image or printed information for overhead projector
objective what one wants to achieve;  aim
outline brief description or presentation
overhead projector a device that projects an O.H.T. onto a screen
overview a short presentation of the main points
pointer a rod or stick used to indicate things on a map, screen, etc.
screen a flat, reflective blank surface on which films, slides, etc. are projected
signposting language phrases used to help focus the audience’s attention on different parts of a presentation
slide a small photographic transparency
summarize to make a summary of the essential points; sum up
topic a subject of a discussion or talk
transparency image or information printed on transparent plastic or film
visual aids aids such as charts, slides, etc. used at a presentation
whiteboard a flat white board on which to write or draw with markers

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